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12 Seater Van Dubai & Sharjah Rent

12 Seater Van Rent Dubai – Minivan 12 Seats Hire in Sharjah 


We offer 12 seat van rent in Dubai and Sharjah with driver services that are perfect for your family, friends, business associates, or any other group of people transportation in UAE. Our vehicles are comfortable and feature all the amenities that you would expect to find in a 12-seater luxury vehicle. These are the same vehicles that you see used in movies and television shows. You can choose from a variety of different seating configurations from our wide range of fleet lists. All of our vans are equipped with great air conditioning, a great sound system, and experienced drivers.

Get the best deal on 12 Seat van rent Dubai and Sharjah with the driver for a day or more. Your official meetings or party will indeed produce a stylish entry in this fantastic passenger transport vehicle.
This high roof luxury style air-conditioned 12 seats minivan is designed to accommodate a maximum of 12 passengers and 4 pieces of tiny hand-carry luggage easily.


Toyota Hiace 12 seater van rental Dubai or 12 seats minivan in Sharjah or similar vehicle like High Roof minibus that are widely used for guests and tourists transport.
These 12 seat vans are built with 3-point seat belts with an emergency locking detractor, a small space for hand-carry luggage, and equipped with perfect air conditioning for passenger comfort and convenience.


Comfortable Van for a Small Family


The 12-seater van is the ideal choice for families, couples, or groups who want to travel together and this type of vehicle has a comfortable seating arrangement and is perfect for a group of up to 12 people.

If you have a large group of people who need to travel together, it’s a good idea to consider hiring a van or minivan for your group. This way, you won’t have to coordinate multiple vehicle rentals, and you’ll also be able to save money.

This type of vehicle has limited space for luggage and up to 4 small pieces of hand-carry bags can be accommodated easily, in 12 seats van additional luggage can also be accommodated on the rear 4 seats as they are foldable.


Ideal Choice For Events, Wedding & Tour Transport


12 seat minivan can be rented for different kinds of trips in Dubai like for wedding transport, events transport, Dubai city tours, Abu Dhabi tour from Dubai, or Airport transfer, and it is also a perfect choice for small family local transport in Dubai.


Toyota Hiace 12-seater minivan can drive you to any place you want to travel in the United Arab Emirates in your exact time frame with high comfort and style.
You can surely enjoy your ride with your loved one and family in the most comfortable way by hiring minivan 12 seats in Dubai or Sharjah UAE.


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We have all types of Minivan and Van Rental Dubai services to suit your needs and budget, if you are traveling with a large group of people, it can be very expensive to rent multiple vehicles in Dubai. If you are up to 12 people, you may even need to rent two cars, one for each group which is a lot of money! You can eliminate all of this by renting a 12-passenger van and you can travel together and share the cost of the van rental.


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Book the best deal from us on 12 Seats Van Rent Dubai – Van 12 Seater in Sharjah now online within a few minutes. Contact us and talk with one of our experienced sales staff members and get the most economic van rental offers that suit your requirements and budget as well.


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12 Passenger, 4 Baggage, 2 Doors, Air Conditioning, Great Sound System, Seats Belts, AUX

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