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12 seat van rent in Dubai

12 Seater Van Rent Dubai – Minivan 12 Seats Hire in Sharjah


We offer 12 seat van rent in Dubai and Sharjah with driver services that are perfect for your family, friends, business associates, or any other group of people transportation in UAE. Our vehicles are comfortable and feature all the amenities that you would expect to find in a 12-seater luxury vehicle. These are the same vehicles that you see used in movies and television shows. You can choose from a variety of different seating configurations from our wide range of fleet lists. All of our vans are equipped with great air conditioning, a great sound system, and experienced drivers.

Get the best deal on 12 Seat van rent Dubai and Sharjah with the driver for a day or more. Your official meetings or party will indeed produce a stylish entry in this fantastic passenger transport vehicle.
This high roof luxury style air-conditioned 12 seats minivan is designed to accommodate a maximum of 12 passengers and 4 pieces of tiny hand-carry luggage easily.

Toyota Hiace 12 seater van rental Dubai or 12 seats minivan in Sharjah or similar vehicle like High Roof minibus that are widely used for guests and tourists transport.
These 12 seat vans are built with 3-point seat belts with an emergency locking detractor, a small space for hand-carry luggage, and equipped with perfect air conditioning for passenger comfort and convenience.


If the 12-seat van does not meet your group’s needs or size requirements, please select the vehicle that suits your preferences from the list of available options in our fleet below.



Comfortable Van for Small Families


Our 12-seater van is the ultimate choice for families, couples, or small groups traveling together. The comfortable seating arrangement is ideal for up to 12 people, making it a cost-effective solution. No more juggling multiple vehicle rentals, and you can even save on expenses. While the van has limited luggage space, it can easily accommodate up to four small hand-carry bags. Additionally, the rear seats can be folded to accommodate additional luggage.


Ideal Choice for Events, Weddings, and Tours


Looking for the ideal transportation solution for your event, wedding, or tour in Dubai? Our 12-seat minivan is perfect for all occasions. Whether it’s a wedding, city tour, Abu Dhabi trip, airport transfer, or local family transport, the Toyota Hiace 12-seater minivan guarantees comfort and style. Enjoy your journey with loved ones in the most comfortable way possible by renting our 12-seater minivan in Dubai or Sharjah, UAE.


Book an Affordable 12 Passenger Van in Dubai & Sharjah


Our Minivan and Van Rental Dubai services cater to various needs and budgets. Renting multiple vehicles in Dubai for a large group can be costly, not to mention inconvenient. If you have up to 12 people, the expenses can skyrocket. Avoid all this hassle by renting a 12-passenger van and travel together while sharing the rental cost.


Book Your 12 Passenger Van in Dubai Today


Secure the best deal on 12-seat van rentals in Dubai and 12-seater vans in Sharjah online in just a few minutes. Reach out to our experienced sales staff, who can provide you with the most economical van rental offers tailored to your requirements and budget.

For more information on van rentals with drivers in Dubai or Sharjah, as well as bus rental services, please click the links below. Our booking staff is ready to assist you in finding the best deals to meet your needs. Don’t miss out on a seamless transportation experience in Dubai and Sharjah!

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12 Passenger, 4 Baggage, 2 Doors, Air Conditioning, Great Sound System, Seats Belts, AUX

What is the rental duration for your 12-seat vans?

We offer flexible rental durations to meet your needs, whether it’s a day, a week, or longer.

Can I rent a 12-seat van with a driver?

Yes, we provide 12 seat van rentals with experienced drivers who ensure a safe and comfortable journey.

How many pieces of luggage can the 12-seat van accommodate?

Our 12-seat vans can comfortably accommodate up to five small hand-carry bags. For larger luggage, we can make arrangements to accommodate your needs.

What amenities are included in the 12-seat vans?

Our vans come equipped with excellent air conditioning, a premium sound system, and comfortable seating for all passengers.

Can I rent additional accessories like child seats or GPS navigation?

Yes, we offer additional accessories for rent, including child seats and GPS navigation systems. Please inquire about availability and pricing.

Are there any mileage restrictions on the van rentals?

We offer our all vehicles including 12 seat van rentals exclusively with professional drivers. We take pride in providing our customers with the freedom to explore without the constraints of mileage limits. When you rent our vans, there is no imposed mileage limit within the city areas of your booking location.

However, it’s important to note that our van rentals are intended for city-to-city transportation within the area of your initial booking. If you plan to include visits to other cities or locations outside of your initial city, additional rental rates may apply. We’re committed to accommodating your travel needs, so please discuss your itinerary with our team, and we will provide you with the best options and pricing to ensure a seamless and enjoyable journey.

What happens in case of a breakdown or emergency during the rental?

Our 24/7 customer support is available to assist you in case of any breakdown or emergency. We will ensure prompt assistance to get you back on the road.

Can I Choose Where I'm Picked Up and Dropped Off?

Absolutely! At our company, we understand the importance of convenience when it comes to your transportation needs. As we provide vehicle rentals with professional drivers on a private basis, you have the flexibility to choose your preferred pickup and drop-off locations.

Our courteous drivers are dedicated to making your experience as seamless as possible. Whether you’d like to be picked up from your hotel, your home, or even your doorstep, we’re here to accommodate your preferences. All we ask is that you specify your exact pickup location and the desired time during the booking process. Our team will ensure that your driver arrives promptly and that you are dropped off at your chosen destination with ease. Your comfort and convenience are our top priorities, so feel free to let us know how we can make your journey even more enjoyable.

How do I make a reservation for a 12-seat van rental?

You can easily make a reservation by contacting our booking staff via phone or through our online booking platform. We’ll assist you in securing the vehicle that suits your needs and budget.

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