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Van, Minibus & Bus Rental Abu Dhabi


Welcome to Bus Rental Abu Dhabi! We are your top choice for all travel and transportation needs in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, UAE. As the leading van, minibus and bus rental company in Abu Dhabi having main office in Dubai and branch in Sharjah, we offer renting a wide range of modern, luxury buses, and economical buses as well as vans, and minibuses in all UAE cities with professional drivers.


Our Abu Dhabi branch fleets include 7-seater cars, 9-seater cars, 12 seater minivans, 15 seater Hiace vans, 20 passengers bus, 23 and 25-seater minibuses, 30-seater Coaster minibuses, 32-seater Rosa minibuses, and 33, 35, 50, and 55-seater luxury buses and coaches.
All our vehicles are brand new, with high-quality interiors & exteriors, great AC systems, full insurance, and advanced sound systems for a comfortable ride.


If you are staying in Abu Dhabi and seeking to rent a bus with a driver for a private ride for a day or more for any type of occasion—such as for event transport, guest transport, airport transfers, or sightseeing—we offer the best rates and excellent customer service 24/7. If you are staying in Dubai and looking for bus rental services, please contact our Dubai bus rental branch.


We offer a wide range of van rentals in Abu Dhabi, minibus rentals in Abu Dhabi, and bus rentals in Abu Dhabi services, including charter bus rentals for big events and weddings, executive bus rentals for business and corporate travel, shuttle bus services for daily employee transport, and coach hire services for comfortable rides.

Additionally, we provide luxury bus rental in Abu Dhabi for special occasions and city sightseeing, as well as minibus and van rental Abu Dhabi for small groups and families, ideal for low-budget travelers.


Our services are perfect for group transport, family outings, guest transport, airport transfers, city tours, and wedding or corporate event transport. We ensure to provide transport solutions that fit everyone’s needs, whether you require a minibus or bus for a day trip, a week-long trip, or even a month-long hire.
Our experienced drivers are well-acquainted with Abu Dhabi and other states of the UAE, ensuring timely and efficient travel.


Our bus rental company is one of the most affordable minivan, minibus and bus rental companies in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, we provide great value without compromising on quality. Our buses and minibuses are always maintained in top condition, ensuring safety and reliability for every journey.


Discover the best bus charter services in Abu Dhabi with our fleet of over 100 vehicles and expert drivers. Whether you need luxury bus rentals for corporate clients or tourists, or economical van and minibus hires for small groups, we have something for everyone.


Choosing AALI Bus Rental means choosing quality, comfort, and peace of mind.


You can easily book a bus in Abu Dhabi or hire a minibus or van with a driver from us in just a few minutes.
For more details and to make a booking, contact our customer service team at +971 56 417 0555 who are always ready to help you or fill the contact form in our contact us page with complete itinerary and details.

Our Bus Rental Services in Abu Dhabi

Corporate Travel & Event Bus Rental in Abu Dhabi

Corporate Travel & Event Bus Rental in Abu Dhabi

Airport Transfer & Shuttle Services in Abu Dhabi

Airport Transfer & Shuttle Services in Abu Dhabi

Wedding & Party Bus Rental Abu Dhabi

Wedding & Party Bus Rental Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi Sightseeing Tour

Abu Dhabi Sightseeing Tour

Family & Guest Transport Services

Family & Guest Transport Services

School Trip Bus Rental

School Trip Bus Rental

Sports Team Transport Bus Rental

Sports Team Transport Bus Rental

Private Van, Minibuses & Luxury Bus Rental in Abu Dhabi

Private Van, Minibuses & Luxury Bus Rental

Our Van, Minibuses & Bus Fleets in Abu Dhabi

VIP Coaches

Premium coaches designed for ultimate comfort and privacy, available with a driver for hire on a daily or weekly basis, perfect for VIP transport and upscale group travel.

VIP Coaches Rent in Abu Dhabi

Luxury Buses

Opulent 45 and 50-seat luxury buses, available with a driver for daily and weekly rentals, ideal for large-scale transport such as corporate events, extended family gatherings, or tour groups.  

Luxury 50 seater and 55 seater rent in Abu Dhabi

Luxury Small Buses

Elegant models with 33, 35, and 40 seats, available with a driver for daily and weekly hire, ideal for city sightseeing, events, and wedding transportation, accommodating 30 to 39 passengers.

35 seat and 40 seat luxury small buses rent Abu Dhabi


Economic options of 23, 25, 30, and 32 seats minibuses, available with a driver for daily and weekly hire, perfect for larger groups ranging from 20 to 31 passengers.        

Minibus rental Abu Dhabi

Van / Minivan

Compact 12-seater and 14 & 15-passenger Minivan and Vans, available with a driver on daily and weekly rentals, ideal for mid-sized families or group transport accommodating 11 to 14 passengers.                    

van and minivan rent in Abu Dhabi


Family car 7 seats and 10 passengers car , available with driver on daily and weekly basis, best for small family or group transport containing 6 to 9 passengers.

7 seater car rent abu dhabi

Why to Choose us (Our Advantages)

Quality, Comfort, Safety, and Reliability

Quality, Comfort, Safety, and Reliability
We give you the best service with focus on comfort and safety. You can trust us for a safe and comfortable ride.

Modern fleet with experience driver

Modern Fleet with Experienced Drivers
Our buses are new and our drivers know their job well. They make sure your ride is smooth and safe.

Affordable bus rental abu dahbi

Affordable Pricing
We offer great service at good prices. Our rates are 15% lower than our competitors.

great customer support and customized services

Customer Support & Customized Services
Our team is available 24/7 to support you. We offer customized transport solutions to fit your needs. Just ask, and we will take care of the rest.

Contact us for booking or inquiry now at +971564170555

van rental Abu Dhabi

Van Rental Abu Dhabi


Do you and your family live in Abu Dhabi or visiting Abu Dhabi for holidays and need to rent a van in Abu Dhabi with driver to get around? Our van rent with driver services is perfect for you! You can rent a van with a driver from us for a short ride, a whole day, or even longer. Hiring private van with chauffeur is a great and affordable way to travel around Abu Dhabi or visit other places.


We have over 20 vans in our Abu Dhabi branch, that contain 7-seat cars, 9-seat minivans, and vans that can fit 12, 14 and 15 passengers, and each van comes with a professional driver. Each van is fully insurance, equipped with great AC, phone charge port, Sound system and comfortable seats.
Renting a minivan from AALI Bus Rental is like having your own personal driver to take you wherever you need to go comfortably and stress free without worrying about parking fee or fuel cost etc.


We keep all our vans clean and in good condition so you have a safe ride. Our drivers are really careful and know the best ways to get around the Abudhabi city and other cities places.


Van Rental from Abu Dhabi to Dubai: Need to travel from Abu Dhabi to Dubai? Our van rental service with a driver is perfect for the trip. You can hire a minivan with a driver to take you and your family or friends from Abu Dhabi to Dubai and back in comfort.
Whether you need a one-way transfer from Dubai to Abu Dhabi or a round trip, our Abu Dhabi to Dubai van rental is the best choice. We offer competitive rates, with daily costs starting from 1399 AED. The rate may vary depending on different factors.


Van Rental Abu Dhabi Rates: Are you wondering about the cost of renting a van in Abu Dhabi? No need to worry—our prices are straightforward and fair.
If you’re staying in Abu Dhabi city and need a van for pick-up, drop-off, and travel within the city, our van rental Abu Dhabi prices range from 799 AED to 999 AED per day. This applies to all our van sizes, including 7-seat, 12-seat, 14-seat, and 15-seat options.

Need a ride from Abu Dhabi airport to your hotel in the city? That starts at 599 AED. And if you want to visit Dubai from Abu Dhabi or somewhere else outside Abu Dhabi, it starts at 1399 AED for up to 10 hours. If you need more time, it’s just 40 AED extra for each hour.
This price includes everything—like the driver, gas, tolls, and parking—so you won’t get any surprises.


Booking a van for different occasions: If you need help or want to book a van in Abudhabi for family & guest transport, wedding, airport transfer, city sightseeing or even daily or weekly hire, it’s really easy.
You can talk to us on our website online chat portal, send us a WhatsApp message, call us, email us, or fill out a form online. Just tell us where you want to go, when, and how many people are coming. We’ll give you a great price and you can book your van in just a few minutes.

Minibus Rental Abu Dhabi

Minibus Rental Abu Dhabi


Are you 18 to 32 passengers group or family and need an economic minibus to travel with a group in Abu Dhabi or even outside the town, our minibus rental Abu Dhabi service is perfect for you.
We make traveling together easy and fun! Our minibuses are great for taking trips around the city, visiting places like Dubai, going to the airport, or getting to special events like weddings or business meetings.


The best thing about renting a minibus in Abu Dhabi with us is our drivers and the prices. Our drivers know all the shortcuts and are really good at avoiding traffic, so you won’t get lost or stuck.
They can even act as your tour guides! Plus, renting a minibus from us doesn’t cost a lot, so you can have a great ride without spending too much money. You can just sit back, relax, and enjoy the trip while we take care of the driving.


Minibus rentals for travel from Abu Dhabi to Dubai: We don’t just rent minibuses to travel within Abu Dhabi city. You can also rent a minibus to travel from Abu Dhabi to Dubai from our company.
This is great for tourists who want to see both cities or for people who need to go to meetings or events in Dubai. Our minibuses are very spacious and come with seats that you can adjust, air conditioning, and lots of room for bags, which makes them really good for the trip from Abu Dhabi to Dubai.


We also offer transport from Dubai to Abu Dhabi, so it doesn’t matter if you are staying in Abu Dhabi or Dubai, because you can rent a minibus in both cities any time, day or night. This means you can always rely on us for your travel needs.


Why choose our minibuses? We offer many different sizes and models of minibuses. You can choose from 23-seat, 25-seat, 30-seat Toyota Coaster, and 33-seat Rosa and Nissan minibuses.
All our minibuses are brand new, very clean, and comfortable. They have lots of space inside and come with great features like seats that lean back, air conditioning to keep you cool, a good sound system for music, and plugs for charging your phones.


Our drivers are highly trained and experienced. They know the best routes and attractions all over the UAE, understand UAE traffic rules, and speak different languages. All our drivers are young and energetic. You can trust our minibus rental with driver services for a worry-free experience.


Minibus Rental Rates in Abu Dhabi: Our Minibus rental prices in Abu Dhabi are really good compared to market rates. We always make sure that renting a minibus from us is affordable and always trying our best to beat our competitors.

If you’re staying in Abu Dhabi city, so over minibus rental cost start from 799 AED for a short trip and if you need the minibus for a whole day, the rental cost start from 999 AED. Abu Dhabi to Dubai minibus rental cost start from 1600 AED for full day 10 hours.

The rental cost includes everything like the driver, gas, road tolls, and parking fee, (only overtime will apply additional if per day time limit exceed then 10 hours).

Please note all our Buses, Minivan and Minibus rental prices may vary depending on many factors, so for latest and best rates contact our booking team.


Sometimes, we even have special and promotional deals if you book early or need the minibus for more days. So, it’s a good idea to check with us when you’re planning your trip.


Book a minibus with driver: Renting a minibus with driver in Abu Dhabi and Dubai is super easy. Just call us, send an email, or message us, and we’ll help you out right away. We’ll ask you a few simple questions about when and where you want to go, and then we’ll tell you how much it will cost.

So, if you’re looking for a fun and affordable way to travel with a group, our Abu Dhabi minibus rental service is the way to go. We make sure everything is taken care of so you can have a great time on your trip.

wide range of van, minibuses and buses available

Wide Range of Van, Minibuses & Bus Rental Abu Dhabi Services 7 to 50 Seater


Check out our big range of vehicles for all your travel needs, for small group or big group outings. Each vehicle has top-notch features like comfortable seats, great air-conditioning system, and great sound systems for a better trip.


From 7-seater luxury cars to 15 seat Hiace minivan, from 23 seats minibuses to 33 seats minibuses and from 35 seats luxury buses to 55 and 50 seater luxury spacious buses, our fleet range meets every requirement.

We have a wide selection of van and buses that suit every type of trip you might want to take; whether you’re looking for a van rental in Abu Dhabi for a family outing or a large luxury bus for city sightseeing or private chauffeur services, we have it all.


Our luxury buses are perfect for those special events where you want to impress like for events and wedding, and our economic buses and minibus hire services are great for everyday travel when you just need to get from one place to another without any hassle.

7 seat car rent in abu dhabi

Hire 7 Seater Car with Driver in Abu Dhabi


Rent a 7-seater car in Abu Dhabi for a luxury, smooth, and fast ride. Our 7-passenger cars, like the Toyota Previa, Toyota Sienna, SUV, and Kia Carnival, are perfect for small groups or families looking for comfort. These cars are great for sightseeing, meetings, or any other purpose in Abu Dhabi or Dubai.

Our 7 seater van or cars fit up to 6 people with a few small bags. If you need more space, we offer bus rentals or larger vans. You can also rent a 7 passenger car in Dubai.

The cost of renting a 7-seater car in Abu Dhabi ranges from 799 AED to 999 AED. Rates may increase if you plan to visit other cities in the UAE.

9 passenger van and 10 seater van rent abu dhabi

Rent 9 Seater and 10 Passengers Minivan


Are you planning a trip in Abu Dhabi and need a small 9 to 10 passengers van with a driver? Our 9 or 10 seater vans are perfect for you. They can fit up to 8 people and are great for families or small groups.
These vans have sliding doors for easy access, soft seats for comfort, and smooth suspension for a nice ride. The strong air conditioning keeps the van cool, even on hot days.


These vans do not have separate luggage space. If you have a bigger group or more luggage, consider our 12-passenger minivan or 15-seater van.

The 9 seats or 10 seats minivans are not only luxurious but also save fuel, making them great for family trips, work outings, or sightseeing tours. You can hire them with a driver for a day or a week or according to your schedule. Whether you’re exploring local attractions or traveling across the city, our vans provide a stylish and comfy way to see all the sights.


The rental prices for our 8 or 9-seat vans start at 799 AED per day within Abu Dhabi city, with slightly higher rates for trips outside the city.

Book one of our luxury vans today and enjoy comfort, style, and practicality for your next group adventure in Abu Dhabi.

12 seater van rent abu dhabi

12 Passengers Van Hire in Abu Dhabi


Looking for a 12-passenger van rental in Abu Dhabi? Our 12-seater van is perfect for mid-size groups or families needing a comfortable ride around town or outside Abu Dhabi. It’s the latest Hiace model with reclining seats and headrests for a comfy ride. The rear seats fold down for extra luggage space, making it ideal for those who need a versatile and spacious vehicle.


The van has wide automatic doors for easy access and cozy seats for an enjoyable ride. With two front doors and a big sliding door, getting in and out is easy. The air conditioning system keeps the van cool even on the hottest days.


Whether you’re planning a family outing, city sightseeing, or a day trip with friends in Abu Dhabi or other cities, this van offers space and comfort. It’s great for families and tourists looking for a budget-friendly private van with chauffeur services. The 12-seater van rental rate in Abu Dhabi starts from 899 AED per day for travel within the city, with slightly higher rates for trips to other cities.


Check out our minivan rental in Abu Dhabi for a reliable and smooth journey. For those looking to hire a 12-passenger van in Abu Dhabi, this vehicle is the ideal solution. Our van rental ensures you have a spacious, comfortable, and modern ride, whether you’re exploring Abu Dhabi or heading to Dubai.

Book our 12 seater van rental today and enjoy the convenience and comfort of our latest Hiace model.

14 seater van rent abudhabi, 15 seat minivan hire abudhabi

14 Passenger Minivan & 15 Seats Van Rental


Rent a 14 seater van or a 15-seater new model Highroof in Abu Dhabi for your next big trip. These vans are perfect for medium groups, offering lots of room and comfort with high ceilings and roomy interiors for up to 14 passengers plus a driver. Each van has modern safety features like anti-lock brakes, airbags, and tilt steering.


We have over 25 of the latest 14 seater minivans and 15 seater Highroof models, all less than 2 years old, meeting high safety and comfort standards. The vans have big interiors and comfy seating, great for long trips. Passengers can relax and enjoy the view through large windows, and a side sliding door makes getting on and off easy.


You can rent these vans for short trips, long journeys, or daily and weekly use. We offer competitive prices on all our van rentals in Abu Dhabi, providing great value. The rental price for our 14-seat or 15-seat vans starts at 899 AED per day for travel within Abu Dhabi city, with slightly higher prices for trips to other cities.


These vans are also a great choice for weddings, school trips, sports team transfers, and airport transport. They are particularly useful for guest and family transport and for organizing events where multiple guests need reliable travel options from places like Dubai to Abu Dhabi or directly from the airport.


At our bus rental company in Abu Dhabi, we focus on maintaining and updating our vehicles to ensure reliable performance, safety, and satisfaction on every trip. Whether for a family day out, a corporate event, or guest transportation, our 14 and 15 passenger van rent option offers a comfy, spacious, and professional travel solution.

Choose our van rental service in Abu Dhabi for an unmatched travel experience.

25 seater minibus coaster rent in abudhabi

Rent 25 Seats Minibus


Looking for a budget-friendly ride for a large group of up to 23 people? Our 25 seater minibus in Abu Dhabi is the perfect choice. It has enough space for 23 passengers, plus the driver, and includes one extra small seat. Although it’s not a luxury vehicle, it’s ideal for economical travel.


There’s no reserved space for luggage, but you can place bags on empty seats if there are fewer passengers. The interior is simple but comfortable, with mid-size windows for great views. The strong air conditioning keeps everyone cool during the ride.


The rental rates for our 25-seater minibus start from 999 AED per day for trips within Abu Dhabi city, with slightly higher rates for journeys to other cities.

The minibus has an easy-access push button automatic door, making getting on and off simple. Whether it’s for school trips, family outings, or group tours, our 25-seater minibus is a practical and affordable way to travel together in Abu Dhabi or to other cities in the UAE.

30 seat coaster minibus rent abudhabi

Rent 30 Seater Toyota Coaster Minibus in Abu Dhabi


Are you organizing a trip for up to 29 passengers in Abu Dhabi? Book our 30 seater Toyota Coaster minibus with a driver. It has 30 seats, including one for the driver and six foldable seats best for kids but not as comfortable for bigger passengers.

There is no separate cabin for luggage, so we usually keep bags on empty seats if there are any. These vehicles are budget-friendly and exceptionally reliable, providing peace of mind with the dependable Toyota brand.


Our 30-seater Toyota Coaster minibus is great for day trips, excursions, airport rides, and family outings. It’s built to make group travel comfortable, with seats arranged to maximize space. Even when the bus is full, it feels roomy. The powerful air conditioning keeps it cool inside on hot days.


The Toyota Coaster is a strong and fuel-efficient choice for travelers on a budget. We have 20 brand new 30-seater Coaster minibuses in our Abu Dhabi branch with experienced drivers, ready for daily, weekly, or short trips. The rental cost starts from 999 AED per day for travel within Abu Dhabi city, with slightly higher rates for journeys to other cities.


The Toyota Coaster Minibuses come in three different versions: a high-end model with 23 seats, and standard versions with 22, 25, and 30 seats, available in both standard and longer wheelbases.

Choose our 30-seater Toyota Coaster minibus for an affordable and pleasant group transport experience in Abu Dhabi.

33 passenger minibus hire Abu Dhabi

33 Seats Rosa Minibus Rent in Abu Dhabi


The Mitsubishi Rosa Minibus with 33 seats is the best and most economical choice for budget-conscious groups or families of up to 32 people. Ideal for family outings, school trips, corporate events, and more, this bus can hold a maximum of 33 passengers, including the driver, and has six small foldable seats perfect for kids.


There isn’t a separate luggage compartment, but you can place bags on empty seats if the bus isn’t full. If you are traveling with up to 33 passengers and have luggage, it might be better to book a larger bus, like a 35-seat luxury bus or even a 50-seat bus.


The Rosa minibus is budget-friendly, making it an excellent choice for travelers who want to save money while still enjoying a comfortable ride. It has strong air conditioning to keep everyone cool, even on the hottest days. The daily rental rates for our 33-seater minibus start from 999 AED for travel within Abu Dhabi city, with slightly higher rates for journeys to other cities.


Choose our 34 or 33 seater minibus rental for an easy and enjoyable travel experience. Whether you’re heading out for a family adventure or an excursion, our Abu Dhabi bus rental service provides the perfect solution for your group’s transportation needs.

35 seat and 40 passenger bus hire in abu dhabi

40 Seater or 35 Seats Luxury Bus Rent AbuDhabi


Are you planning a fun city tour, hosting a cool event, needing a bus for your sports team, or setting up a wedding in Abu Dhabi? If you have a group of up to 34 people and need a reliable way to get around, think about renting one of our luxury buses.
We have a 40-passenger luxury bus and a 35-seater luxury bus that are perfect for comfortable and stylish trips. And if you have more people or lots of bags, you can choose our 50-seater luxury bus.


We’re experts at providing luxury bus rentals right here in Abu Dhabi, making sure your trip is easy and comfortable. Our buses come with amazing air conditioning so everyone stays cool, even when it’s really hot outside. They also have a great sound system for listening to music or hearing the tour guide clearly.


The 35-seater has a special space for up to 25 suitcases, which is great if you’re traveling with lots of luggage. This bus also has two front doors and one sliding door, which makes getting in and out easy, plus a fridge to keep your snacks and drinks cold.


Riding in our 35-seater bus feels like a treat because the seats are super comfy and perfect for relaxing, especially on longer trips. Our service is flexible and affordable, whether you need a bus for a short ride, all day, or even longer. And don’t worry about a thing—each bus comes with a professional driver to take care of the driving.


Renting a 35-seat luxury bus in Abu Dhabi starts at 1299 AED per day for trips around the city, and a bit more if you’re going to other cities.

Book your next trip with us and find out why our 35 seat luxury bus rental is a favorite for fun and fancy group trips in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

50 seat luxury bus rent abu dhabi, luxury bus rent in abudhabi

50 Seater Bus Rental Abu Dhabi


Are you planning a sightseeing tour, a high-profile corporate event, or a luxurious wedding in Abu Dhabi? Elevate your group travel experience with our exclusive 55 passenger’s bus & 50-seater luxury bus rental services. Our commitment is to transform every journey into an unforgettable luxury travel experience.


Our fleet includes the best and brand new 55 and 50 seater luxury buses in Abu Dhabi, all designed for your comfort and pleasure. Every bus has soft leather seats that provide a lot of comfort, whether you’re traveling around the city or going on longer trips to places like Dubai or other parts of the UAE. These seats are more than just places to sit; they make your trip comfortable and luxurious.


Our luxury buses including 35 seats and 50 seats buses interiors are carefully designed to make every part of your trip better. Soft lighting keeps the inside calm and peaceful, ideal for relaxing or chatting with fellow travelers. The front big windows provide beautiful views of the city skyline, making every ride enjoyable.


These 50 passengers’ buses have many entertainment options including excellent sound systems and screens that fold down for watching movies, making long trips fun and lively. Also, there are refrigerators on board to keep your drinks and snacks cold, making your ride more comfortable.


We know how important your luggage is when you travel. Our buses have special luggage areas that can easily hold up to 49 passengers’ luggage, making sure your belongings are safe and secure during the trip.


When it comes to performance and safety, our luxury 50-seater buses lead the way. They have strong engines and modern safety features like ABS and electronic stability control, making sure you have a smooth and efficient trip. We also do regular maintenance checks and have full insurance to ensure your journey is safe and reliable.


Choosing our luxury 50-seater bus rental in Abu Dhabi is about more than just getting from place to place; it’s about having an exceptional travel experience. Whether you need a 50-seater bus for a special event or reliable bus rental services in Abu Dhabi, we’re here to make every trip amazing.

Our 50 seats bus rental rates in Abu Dhabi start from 1499 AED per day for trips within Abu Dhabi city, and the rates will go slightly higher for journeys to other emirates.


Book your next group trip with us and see why our luxury bus rental services in Abu Dhabi are the top choice for comfort, luxury, and perfect travel experiences. Raise your travel expectations and let us make your journey as wonderful as your destination.

Wide Range of Services we Offer in Abu Dhabi

Exhibitions & Corporate Events Transport


Abu Dhabi and Dubai are very safe and modern cities that host many events and exhibitions all year round. This makes the need for event bus rental services grow every day. Our company leads in providing transportation for corporate events. With over 15 years of experience in the field, we are the top choice for event transport in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. We handle transport for various events such as weddings, music shows, parties, school functions, birthday celebrations, corporate meetings, exhibitions, and festivals.

We offer transport for special exhibitions and events, such as transfers to ADNEC (Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre) from both Dubai and Abu Dhabi. We also provide bus services to the Formula 1 racing events at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi from Dubai as well as Abu Dhabi by private buses.


We offer a wide selection of vehicles, including luxury cars, vans, minibuses, coaches, and charter buses. These come equipped with excellent air conditioning, sound systems, interior lighting, and comfortable seating. Our drivers are experienced, licensed, and specifically trained for corporate events in Abu Dhabi.


Our event coordination team takes care of all the details to make sure you have a smooth and enjoyable experience. We provide various transportation options, keep you updated regularly, and ensure that communication with drivers and coordinators is maintained for efficient operations. Our focus is on safety, flexible scheduling, and making sure your event runs smoothly.


Our services are available for any event, big or small. You can book us for a single trip or on a daily basis, and we offer budget-friendly prices.

To book our buses, simply tell us the number of guests, where they need to be picked up and dropped off, and the timing and dates of the event. We’ll handle everything else.

It’s wise to book event transport services early to secure better rates and availability.


Private Group Tours


Explore Abu Dhabi with AALI Bus Rental’s private group tours! We make it easy for your group to see all the amazing places in our city. Our buses are comfy and clean, perfect for groups big or small. With our private tours, you can travel with your friends or family without any strangers. This makes your trip more fun and special.


You can choose where you want to go. Visit the big Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, the fun Ferrari World, the busy markets, or the peaceful Corniche beach. Our drivers know Abu Dhabi very well and will take you to these places safely. We can plan the whole day for you, or you can tell us what you want to do. It’s your tour, so you are in control.


We offer flexible schedules to fit your group’s needs. You can pick the best time for your tour. Our team will handle all the planning and details to make sure your trip is easy and fun. We also provide snacks and drinks to keep you refreshed during the ride.


Whether you are with your family, friends, or coworkers, our private tours are a great way to see Abu Dhabi. We will pick you up on time and make sure everyone has a good time. With AALI Bus Rental, your group will have a wonderful day out in Abu Dhabi without any worries.


Choose our private group tours for a special adventure in Abu Dhabi. Enjoy a fun and personal experience with the people you care about. Create lasting memories together in this beautiful city. Let us take care of everything so you can focus on having a great time exploring Abu Dhabi.


Just tell us about your group’s size, your travel dates, and any special places you want to visit. We’ll handle the rest, ensuring your private group tour is enjoyable, relaxing, and memorable.


Personalized Educational and Institutional Trips


Safety is a big deal for school and institutional trips. At AALI Bus Rental Abu Dhabi, we know how important educational trips are. We are committed to giving trips that are fun and safe for school and other groups. Our school bus services are great for outings, field trips, and educational tours.


We have many different types of buses which would best suit teachers and students. All the buses are clean, safe with seat belts, microphones, air conditioning, and ready for short or long distance journey. We have a variety of vehicles for you if you are intending to visit a museum, historical site or cultural event.


Our management team and drivers are friendly and know a lot about safety. They make sure that every trip is secure so that teachers and parents can relax. We work closely with schools and colleges to plan the route and schedule that best fits their program’s needs.


Our buses also have GPS tracking, so you can always know where the bus is. We provide friendly drivers who are trained to work with children. We also offer affordable prices and flexible plans to fit your school’s budget. Choose AALI Bus Rental for a worry-free school trip in Abu Dhabi.


Let us help you make your educational trip enjoyable and worry-free with Abu Dhabi Bus Rental. Just tell us the number of students, where you want to go, and when you plan to travel. We’ll take care of all the transportation, making sure your trip is smooth and full of learning.


Celebrations and Weddings Bus Rental Abu Dhabi


Planning a wedding in Abu Dhabi? Make your special day even more memorable with our wedding bus rental service. At AALI Bus Rental, we understand how important your wedding day is, and we are here to ensure that your wedding transport in Abu Dhabi is perfect, stylish, and stress-free.


Our wedding bus rental service is designed to make your wedding transportation smooth and enjoyable. Whether you need to move your guests from the ceremony to the reception or transport your entire wedding party in style, our buses are the perfect choice.
Our buses are not only clean and comfortable but also look great in photos, adding a touch of elegance to your wedding day.


Imagine your guests boarding beautifully decorated buses, greeted by friendly drivers who will ensure everyone has a safe and enjoyable ride. Our fleet can accommodate any party size, whether you have 20 guests or 200 plus guests. You can even decorate our buses to match your wedding theme with flowers, balloons, or fancy lights.


Our friendly and professional drivers know Abu Dhabi well and will ensure that your guests arrive at their destinations safely and on time. Safety is our top priority, but we also focus on making the ride fun and enjoyable. With AALI Bus Rental, the celebration starts the moment your guests step on the bus.


Booking our wedding bus rental in Abu Dhabi is easy. Just let us know how many guests you have, and the locations for pick-up and drop-off, and we will take care of the rest.
Our goal is to make your wedding day joyful and stress-free, allowing you to focus on celebrating with your loved ones.

So, if you are looking for the best wedding transport in Abu Dhabi, look no further. Choose AALI Bus Rental to make your wedding day seamless, elegant, and unforgettable. Let’s make your special day even more special with our wedding bus rental service.


Abu Dhabi Airport Transfers


At AALI Bus Rental Abu Dhabi, we make sure your trip to and from the Abu Dhabi airport is easy and relaxing. Our airport transfer service is perfect for everyone, including families and tourist groups. Our drivers meet you right at the airport, help with your bags, and get you to your hotel or any destination within Abu Dhabi or even to other states of UAE quickly and comfortably.


We have a variety of vehicles to choose from. If you’re traveling alone or with someone else, you might like one of our luxury cars and if you’re with a bigger group, one of our larger coaches will have plenty of space for everyone including a separate luggage cabin. All our vehicles are clean and have great features to make your ride nice.


Our drivers know the quickest routes to take to avoid traffic and we send drivers always 20 minutes before start time, so you’ll always be on time for your flight or from the airport to your next stop.


Booking an airport transfer with us is simple. Just share your flight details and how many people are traveling, and tell us where we should pick you up or drop you off, and the rest we will take care of everything else.


Shuttle Services in Abu Dhabi


At AALI Bus Rental, we offer great shuttle bus services in Abu Dhabi for all your passengers transport needs. Our shuttle buses are perfect for taking employees to work, moving guests to hotels, bringing people to weddings, or transporting attendees to conferences.


Our shuttle buses are very comfortable and have everything you need for a pleasant ride. We provide shuttle services for many different events, including airport transfers, wedding shuttle, special occasions, and film shoots in the desert and more. Our shuttle buses drivers are very kind and professional, and they make sure every trip is enjoyable for all passengers.


We are proud to offer the best shuttle bus services in Abu Dhabi, and our services are always reliable and punctual. If you need a shuttle bus for any event or regular trips, we are here to help. Just tell us what you need, and we will take care of everything else.


For shuttle bus bookings in Abu Dhabi or Dubai, you can count on our Abu Dhabi bus rental company to provide the best shuttle service. We are here to make your travel easy and enjoyable with our excellent shuttle bus services.


Party Bus Rental in Abu Dhabi


Are you planning a fun party in Abu Dhabi or even in Dubai and need the party bus to match the excitement? Our party buses in Abu Dhabi are just what you need! Whether it’s for a birthday, a bachelor party, or just a special night out with friends, our party buses are designed to turn your journey into a celebration.


Our party buses and minibuses are equipped with features like colorful lights, great sound systems for your favorite music, wide-open seats, a high roof, and open areas between seat rows where you can stand or dance. These party buses have lots of space, so everyone can move around and enjoy the party while traveling on the bus.


Booking a party bus in Abu Dhabi with our bus rental company is simple. Just tell us when your party is, how many people will join, and where you want to go. We’ll make sure your bus is ready to make your party amazing.


Sports Events / Players Transport in Abu Dhabi


Every year, Abu Dhabi and Dubai host many exciting sports events and we provide the best bus transportation for sport teams and fans. Whether you need one ride to a match, round trip, or transport for a whole series of games, our company can help in sport events transport.


Our buses are perfect for any size of sport players transport, sport team transport in Abu Dhabi, and anyone can hire bus for sport event in Abu Dhabi from us on budget rates.


If you are staying in Dubai and event is in Abu Dhabi and you’re planning a trip from Dubai to Ferrari World or to the Grand Prix at Yas Marina Circuit, we can help you. We offer Dubai to Ferrari World transfer and Dubai to Grand Prix Yas Marina Circuit transfer by private van or bus.


We provide sport players and fans bus transport services to major events like NBA Abu Dhabi Games, T10 League matches, UFC Fight Nights, Golf tournaments, the Mubadala Tennis tournament, and the UCI Urban Cycling World Championships.

We also handle transport for private sports events like for Golf tournaments, Cricket or Football tournaments, making sure both players and fans reach safe and comfortably and on time.


Our service sport teams bus services includes picking up team players or fans from their home or hotel or direct from Airport and take them to sport ground or venue, waiting for the event to finish, and bringing them back to their hotel or home.

Our buses are comfortable and have everything you need for a sport events transport. Book a bus with driver from us for easy and stress-free transportation to any sports event in Abu Dhabi or Dubai.


Guest and Family Transport in Abu Dhabi


When you visit Abu Dhabi with your family or guests, having good transport is very important. Our guest or family transport service helps you move around the city easily on a private basis. We have many vans and buses for different needs.  If you are a family wanting to see the city’s beautiful places or a group of friends ready for fun, we have the right vehicle for you.


Our buses and vans are very comfortable and safe and are perfect for taking guests from the airport to the hotel or for showing them around the city. Families can use our big vans for trips to the beach, going to fun parks, or doing daily activities.


As a leading transport company in Abu Dhabi, we offer a variety of options. You can rent vans with a driver for small family and guest transport on a daily or weekly basis. For larger groups of family or guests, we have buses and coaches with 30 to 55 seating capacity.

Our minibuses and minivans are great for midsize groups. All our vehicles are spacious and have the necessary amenities to make your ride enjoyable.

All our guest and family transport vehicles come with experienced drivers who know UAE routes well and speak different languages, making it easy for guests and families to communicate with drivers.

Book with us for your guest and family transport needs in Abu Dhabi and enjoy a hassle-free travel experience.


Luxury Travel by Luxury Charter Buses


Are you looking for a luxury ride in Abu Dhabi or Dubai for VIP guests or clients? Whether you need transportation from the airport to the hotel, a ride to a business meeting, or a tour around the city’s landmarks, our luxury bus rental services in Abu Dhabi will help you to travel luxury.


We offer a wide selection of high-end luxury buses, vans, minibuses and VIP coaches from top brands like Mercedes Benz, Yutong, Toyota, King Long, Volvo, and Higer.


Our luxury buses are equipped with the latest amenities to enhance your travel experience. The amenities include folding seats, large glass windows for scenic views, a refrigerator to keep drinks and snacks cool, a superior AC system, an excellent sound system, lots of room to walk around, and doors that open and close automatically.


Whether you’re interested in a bus charter in Abu Dhabi, coach hire, or executive bus rentals to travel luxury, we provide top-tier transportation solutions.


You can hire our luxury buses for any occasion with experienced, well-dressed chauffeurs; you just sit back and enjoy a seamless, luxurious journey. Book a luxury bus from us and enjoy a luxury travel experience.


Long-Term Leases


For organizations needing regular transportation, our long-term bus lease in Abu Dhabi offers flexible and affordable options. If you need a bus for daily commutes or frequent events, our long term bus leasing services provide reliable and cost-effective solutions.


Our long-term bus hire with drivers services are perfect for schools, companies, and hotels that need regular transport for students, employees, or guests. We offer a range of buses to suit your needs, all with comfortable seating and modern amenities.


With our monthly and yearly bus rental Abu Dhabi services, you can enjoy the convenience of having a dedicated bus without the hassle of ownership. We take care of maintenance and ensure the bus is always ready when you need it. Contact us to learn more about our monthly bus rental in Abu Dhabi options and find the perfect transportation solution for your organization.

Why to Choose our Bus Rental Company in Abu Dhabi


Luxury and Comfort

We have very nice big buses for rent in Abu Dhabi. You can sit very comfortably in our buses because they have a lot of space for stretching your legs and moving around.
Our buses have dark windows or curtains, so you have your own private space. The seats can go back, which is great for seeing outside or sleeping if the trip is long.


There is also a fridge in the bus to keep your drinks and snacks cold. The doors of the bus open by themselves, so it’s easy to go in and out. Plus, our buses have good air cooling and sound systems, so your ride will be really cool and fun.


Affordable Rates

Traveling with us is cheap. We make sure our bus rental prices are very low. If you rent a bus from us in Abu Dhabi, you pay for everything together — this includes the parking, fuel, and tolls. This means you won’t have any extra costs later.

We have big luxury buses and small vans, all at good prices. The price we tell you at the start is the price you pay. You won’t be confused about what you’re paying for because we show all the costs clearly. There are no hidden extra charges; everything is open and clear.


Flexible and Tailored Bus Services for Every Occasion in Abu Dhabi

At AALI Bus Rental Abu Dhabi, we understand every trip is unique. That’s why we offer different kinds of buses, minibuses, and vans to match your group’s size and how much you want to spend. Just tell us where you want to go, and we’ll handle everything else.
If you need a quick city tour or a longer journey outside the city, we can plan it all.
Need to stop along the way or travel at specific times? We can arrange that too.
We make sure your bus ride is smooth and fits exactly with your plans.


Safety First

We always keep you safe. All our buses have insurance, seat belts, GPS for navigation, doors that open easily in emergencies, and a first aid kit. Our drivers are very experienced, with at least five years of driving, and they have the right licenses.
Before any trip, our special team checks every bus to make sure it’s all good. No matter if your trip is short or long, you can trust us to take good care of you.


Professional and Experienced Drivers with Local Knowledge

Our drivers are excellent and know Abu Dhabi and other areas in the UAE really well. They’ve been driving for over five years and have all the necessary permits and licenses. They’re experienced with many types of trips and travelers. They know the fastest and best ways to get you safely to your destination.
Our drivers can also tell you about cool places to visit, the best places to eat, and fun things to do in Abu Dhabi. If you need directions or suggestions for sightseeing and entertainment, just ask them.

24/7 Customer Support and Assistance

We are always here to help you. Our customer support team is ready to assist you anytime, day or night. If you have any problems with your booking, a question during your trip, or even a luggage issue, just let us know.
We can also help quickly if the bus or van has a problem during your trip, and we’ll provide an emergency vehicle replacement if needed. Our team works hard to fix any issues fast, making your journey smoother and more enjoyable.


Wide Range of Quality Fleet of Vehicles

We have many different vehicles for you to choose from. You can pick small cars for 7 people, minivans for up to 15 people, minibuses for 30 people, and big luxury buses with 55 seats. All our vehicles are new and well-maintained. No matter the size of your group, we have the perfect vehicle for you. Every vehicle is clean, comfortable, and safe to ride in.

You can rent a bus, minibus, or van in Abu Dhabi with a driver for a single trip, daily, or even weekly.


Reliability and Punctuality

We always make sure to be on time. At AALI Bus Rental, being punctual is very important, and we never compromise on it.

You can trust us to not only be on time but often, our drivers will arrive at your pickup point 15 minutes early. They are always careful to be right on time, so you won’t have to wait. We plan everything carefully to make sure you get to your destination when you need to be there.
With us, your trip will go smoothly, just as you expect, with no delays.

Van, Minibuses, & Bus Rental Rates in Abu Dhabi


Our van, minibus, and bus rental rates in Abu Dhabi are very competitive, and we never compromise on quality. You can feel secure knowing you’ll get great service at the best prices.

For our 7-seat, 9-seat, 12-seat, 14-seat, and 15-seat vans, the van rental cost in Abu Dhabi ranges from 799 AED to 999 AED per day if you travel within Abu Dhabi city.
For short, one-way trips like from an Abu Dhabi hotel to another location or from the airport to a hotel, the van rental cost starts at 599 AED.
If you want to travel to other cities like Dubai, Al Ain, or Sharjah, the cost starts from 1399 AED per day for up to 10 hours. If you want to know Dubai to Abu Dhabi van rental cost please contacts our Dubai branch.


For our 23-seat, 25-seat, 30-seat, and 33-seat minibuses with a driver, the rental cost starts from 999 AED per day if you travel within Abu Dhabi city for up to 10 hours.
For short, one-way trips within Abu Dhabi or from the airport to a hotel, the minibus renting cost starts from 799 AED plus any airport parking charges. Traveling from Abu Dhabi to Dubai, Al Ain, or Sharjah in a minibus costs from 1600 AED per day for up to 10 hours. For trips to Ras Al Khaimah, Fujairah, or Hatta, the rates start from 1999 AED.


The cost for a 35-seat bus rental in Abu Dhabi starts from 1299 AED if all travel is within Abu Dhabi city. For trips from Abu Dhabi to Dubai, the cost ranges from 1600 AED to 2200 AED for up to 10 hours, with an extra 60 AED per hour after 10 hours.
For one-way transfers within Abu Dhabi, like from a hotel to another hotel or from the Abu Dhabi airport to a city location, the cost starts from 899 AED.


For a 55-seat or 50-seat luxury bus, the cost for a short one-way transfer within Abu Dhabi city starts from 1299 AED. For a full-day 50 seater luxury bus rental cost in Abu Dhabi starts from 1499 AED, and for travel from Abu Dhabi to Dubai or Sharjah, the cost starts from 1999 AED.
The full-day rental rate is for up to 12 hours, with an extra 80 AED per hour after 12 hours. For 50 seater bus rental rates from Dubai to Abu Dhabi contact our Dubai branch.


Please note that these prices can change depending on factors like the number of days you book, your itinerary, and the season. For the exact quote, contact our booking team for more details.


All the bus rental costs in Abu Dhabi mentioned above already include the driver, fuel, tolls, and parking charges, so there are no hidden fees, exempt overtime if happened as mentioned above.


Booking and Cancellation Policy


How to Book:

Booking a van, minibus, or bus in Abu Dhabi with us is really simple! You can book in several ways:

– Online: Fill out a form on our website.

– Phone: Call us and talk to our friendly agents.

– Email: Send us an email with what you need.

– WhatsApp: Send us a message to get things started fast.

When sending inquiry, please provide the following details so that we can quote accordingly:

– What type of vehicle you need (like a big bus or a small van)

– When and how long you need it for

– Where we should pick you up and drop you off

– Any special things you need (like a seat for a baby)

After you give us this information, we’ll send you a price quote really quickly by email or WhatsApp. If you say yes to the quote, we’ll send you the booking invoice with complete booking details and will reserve the vehicle and driver for you.


Cancellation Policy


Sometimes plans change, and that’s okay. Here’s how our cancellation works:

– No Charge Cancellation: You can cancel up to 48 hours before your trip starts without any fee.

– Late Cancellation Fee: If you cancel just 1 day before your trip, we need to charge you half of what your trip costs because it’s so close to the trip day and vehicle and driver is reserved for you.

– No-Show Policy: If you don’t show up when it’s time to pick you up, or if you cancel on the day of the trip, we might need to charge you 60% to 70% of the trip cost.

Please note: If you need to cancel or change something, just contact us the same way you booked. We try to be as helpful as possible to make things easy for you.

We always want to make sure you have a great trip with us. If you have any questions about booking or canceling, just ask our customer support team. They’re here to help anytime!


Contact Us


For all your transportation needs in Abu Dhabi, Dubai or Sharjah, from van hire to minibus rentals with drivers and from luxury bus hire to coach rentals, AALI Bus Rental is here to help. Whether you need a minivan for a small group, a large coach for a big event, or anything in between, we are here to help.

Contact us today to book your vehicle and experience the best travel services in all over UAE. We’re excited to help you with your journey.

What types of vehicles are available for rent in Abu Dhabi with Bus Rental Abu Dhabi?

We offer a wide range of vehicles including 7-seat minivans, 9-seat minivans, 12-seat vans, 15-seat minibuses, 23-seat minibuses, 30-seat coaster minibuses, 33-seat minibuses, as well as luxury 35-seat and 50-seat buses. All our van and buses are available with driver.

What's included in the bus rental prices?

Yes, our rental prices are all-inclusive. This means that the cost of the driver, fuel, tolls, and parking charges are all included in the price you pay. There are no hidden fees.

Do you provide vehicles for special events like weddings or corporate functions?

Yes, we specialize in providing transportation for all types of special events, including weddings, corporate events, sports events, and more. We can arrange for multiple vehicles of different sizes and models as per the requirements.

Do you offer any discounts or promotions?

Yes, we often have special deals, especially if you book early or need a bus for several days. Just ask us about any current discounts when you call to book. We always offer the best rates right from the start, so you can be sure you’re getting a great deal.

Are your drivers licensed and experienced?

Yes, all our drivers are licensed and have over five years of experience driving around Abu Dhabi and other states of UAE. They are very good at finding the best routes to make your ride smooth and safe. Plus, they’re well-dressed and can speak multiple languages like Urdu, Hindi, English, and Arabic, so they can help guide passengers and make everyone feel comfortable. They’re not just drivers; they’re great guides too.

What special amenities can I expect in the vehicles?

In all our van and buses, you’ll find great features to make your ride comfortable and enjoyable. Each vehicle has reclining seats so you can relax, excellent air conditioning to keep you cool, and a good sound system for listening to music.
There are also USB ports and an AUX cable, so you can charge your devices and play your own music. These amenities are all designed to make your trip with us pleasant.

How to book a bus in Abu Dhabi?

To book a bus in Abu Dhabi, you can call us, fill up the form in our contact page, email or WhatsApp us. Please provide the type of bus, van or minibus you need, the dates you need it for, your itinerary and how many people will be travelling.
Once we get your details we will send you a quote for approval.
Once you approve it we will book the bus for you with a driver and send you the booking invoice. On the day of the service the driver will be at your doorstep ready to go.
You can pay the invoice amount in advance through bank transfer or you can pay in cash when the driver picks you up.

How much luggage can the bus carry?

Each of our vehicles can carry different amounts of luggage depending on the type and size of the vehicle and the number of passengers:

  • 7 seat cars: 4 bags of 23kg each and small handbags and laptop bags.
  • 12 to 15 seat vans: 8 bags of 23kg and a few small handbags and laptop bags. We will need to fold the back 4 seats to fit all of these.
  • 23 to 30 seat minibuses: These minibuses can carry 12 bags of 23kg and a few small handbags. As there’s no dedicated luggage compartment, we usually place luggage on top of empty seats. If you have a lot of luggage and more than 20 people, it might be better to book a bigger bus.
  • 35 seat luxury buses: These buses have a dedicated luggage compartment that can fit 20 bags of 23kg each and several handbags or laptop bags.
  • 50 and 55 seat luxury buses: They have a big luggage compartment that can fit 50 bags of 23kg each and many handbags.

If you have special luggage requirements or concerns about space, please let us know when you book and we can recommend the best vehicle for you.

Are pets allowed on the bus?

Yes, pets are allowed on our buses but they must be in a crate during the journey for safety and comfort of everyone. Let us know in advance if you will be bringing your pet.
Also if the bus needs extra cleaning because of your pet we may ask for additional fee to cover the cost of vehicle washing. This is to keep our buses clean and comfortable for all passengers.

Will you provide baby seats?

Yes, we can provide baby seats if you need them. Just let us know when you book your ride, and we’ll make sure a baby seat is ready for you. We want to keep everyone safe, especially the little ones.

is your all buses covered with insurance?

Yes, all our vans, minibuses, and buses are fully insured. This is part of the UAE government rules. Our comprehensive insurance covers all passengers, so you are safe and protected during your trip. This means you can relax and enjoy your journey without worrying about anything.

Will you provide a bus if the bus breaks down during the service?

Yes, if the bus breaks down during your trip, we will send another bus to help you as soon as we can. But if the bus breaks down far from the main city, it might take a bit more time to get to you.
We hope you understand and will be patient with us in such a situation. Your safety and comfort are very important to us, and we will do our best to make sure you continue your trip without too much delay.

What safety measures do you have in place?

We care a lot about safety. Our buses get checked and fixed regularly. Our drivers are very experienced. All our buses have seat belts, emergency exits, and a first aid kit. Plus, all our buses are covered by comprehensive insurance to keep everyone safe.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept many payment methods. You can pay with bank transfers, PayPal, wire and exchange services, or cash when you use our service.

Dubai Bus Rental LogoExperience luxury transportation at its finest with Bus Rental Dubai – the leading transportation & bus rental company in Dubai, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi. From airport transfers to city tours, guest transport to event transportation, we have the perfect vehicle for all your needs.
Our premium fleet includes a variety of luxury minivans and buses, all available for daily and weekly rental with experienced drivers. Make your next event or trip unforgettable with Bus Rental Dubai.


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