Abu Dhabi City Tour From Dubai

Abu Dhabi City Tour From Dubai

Abu Dhabi City Tour from Dubai: Welcome to Abu Dhabi! The luxurious and peaceful city in UAE with flair of traditional values combined with the modernism of 21st century.

Abu Dhabi city is the largest city of the seven Emirates and referred to as a shoppers and tourist paradise/destination. So lets reveal what are inclusion in Sightseeing Abu Dhabi.

  ✅   Our vehicle would take you to Abu Dhabi via Sheikh Zayed Road, on arrival to Abu Dhabi city; enjoy a tour of Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Abu Dhabi, one of the world’s largest mosques.

  ✅   Explore the white marble arcades and courtyards, and visit the prayer room as you hear about the mosque’s design and significance from our tour supervisors.

  ✅   Our next stop will be Ferrari world and Yas Marina Circuit, which worth seeing a lot; you could have a photo snap here as we will have a short time for out sightseeing.

  ✅   After Ferrari world our Abu Dhabi city tour next stop is Saadiyat Island.

  ✅   Pass through Qasr Al Hosn, a former home of Abu Dhabi’s royals, and after a break for lunch at the Mall “you can have some shopping!”.

  ✅   Our journey of Abu Dhabi city tour from Dubai is not yet ended; driver will drive you to see Abu Dhabi Corniche, opposite of Abu Dhabi beach you could have a short walk in Corniche garden.

  ✅   How about next destination Emirates Palace Abu Dhabi visit?. You will have a sightseeing of Emirates Palace to have some photo shots for memory saving and outside sightseeing of luxury palace.

  ✅   Commencing from Emirate Palace, The bus will drive toward Heritage Village which will lead you to know in deep about the culture and traditions view of Abu Dhabi UAE past civilization etc.

  ✅   What about a camel ride on the deserts and some warm bathe and karaoke music later in the night? We are going to give you all these experience in our Abu Dhabi city tour packages 2019.

  ✅   Still we have the most attractive spot to visit. Yes, Abu Dhabi Museum, Abu Dhabi Louvre, which is recently inaugurated in 2017. It is full of Art and reflects the civilization and culture of UAE. The Museum not just reveal the culture and tradition of Arab, but you will experienced the reflection of other countries too.

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Abu Dhabi City Tour Packages

We charge the fairest sum in UAE and yet provide the ultimate service to ensure our tourist comes back again.

Are you visiting Abu Dhabi for business , leisure or picnic?
Shall we tell you of the beauty and what to expect when you go Abu Dhabi city tour from Dubai and Sightseeing Abu Dhabi with us?

We still take on a little ride at affordable price and give you everlasting experience of the beauty of Abu Dhabi city.

Grabbing our Abu Dhabi city tour packages or Sightseeing, our professional driver with luxury bus will pick you from your door step in Dubai and will drive you to the Capital city of UAE, Abu Dhabi City.

We have compiled the best Abu Dhabi tour Packages and have chosen the most desired, thrilling and top Abu Dhabi tour places 2019 in this tour packages. The top tour places inclusion can be seen in Description Tab above.

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Abu Dhabi City Tour Itinerary

Our Abu Dhabi city tour from Dubai is what that can make your stay and vacation in this emirate more memorable.

This is another tour that you shouldn’t miss when you come to this place.
You’ll witness what Abu Dhabi is all about when it comes to old and modern architecture.

Our Company has been in the business for years, so there’s nothing to worry about when you get in touch with us for your tour.Our expert tour consultants for your AbuDhabi sight seeing tour are whom to trust if you need help in planning your tour in this emirate.

You will have nothing to worry about in planning for your trip with an expert company that has provided thousands of tours to many of our clients all over the world.
We keenly focused on selecting the most top Abu Dhabi tour places in Abu Dhabi city in our Abu Dhabi Tour Itinerary so that our customer get the max enjoyment.

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Abu Dhabi Tour Packages Booking / Cancellation Policy

  ✅   Tour Booking shall be made 3+ Days prior to the services date. It is not compulsory, but best for us to schedule your trip in advance.

  ✅   We shall claim 50% Cancellation charges if booking cancelled by customers 24 hours prior to Abu Dhabi tour start time.

  ✅   Cancellation charges are not applicable if Abu Dhabi City Tour booking cancelled by customers 2 or more days early than services date.

  ✅   Infant’s entry to all spots needs tickets are free.

  ✅   Entry tickets shall be arranged by customer his self for those places which required tickets in advance.

  ✅   Dubai Desert Safari booking shall be made minimum 2 days in advance.

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Abu Dhabi City Tour - Top Attractions in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi Sheikh Zayed Mosque from Dubai

Abu Dhabi Sheikh Zayed Mosque Tour from Dubai


The most attractive and visiting place in Abu Dhabi City.  Each day thousand of visitors from all over the world as well as local expatriate visiting for sightseeing this beautiful religious place.

Our driver will take you from any place of Dubai via Sheikh Zayed Road to Abu Dhabi Sheikh Zayed Mosque, The distance from Dubai to Sheikh Zayed Mosque is approx 100 km, From Dubai it will take around 1 Hour 30 Minutes to arrive here.

Grand Mosque is located in Abu Dhabi city at entrance to Abu Dhabi city, It is one of a place that many tourists are into.

Grand Mosque is one of the largest mosques in United Arab of Emirates.

Grand Mosque Abu Dhabi is open to all visitors and for prayers. It has the unique features that really attract you.

This Mosque has the world largest carpet and the world largest chandelier. In addition, other feature of the Grand Mosque includes stained glass, sand colored walls and wooden shutters.

Mosque is consist of 45 small domes. The Mosque had a traditional Islamic style and one of the reasons for the growth of tourism in Abu Dhabi.

Abu Dhabi Tour From Dubai with us you will not just enjoy the Grand Mosque, you will indeed enjoy the routes bus will go toward Abu Dhabi from Dubai.

Grand Mosque is a truly world landmark in the world. Moreover, the Grand Mosque can accommodate up to 30,000 worshipers. The design of the mosque is truly different just like any other mosques. Also, the artistic style of the Mosque comes from different parts of the world.

Its highly recommended tourist places in Abu Dhabi, while getting Abu Dhabi tour from Dubai packages, must include this beautiful spot in your tour itinerary. We also have best Dubai City Tour Itinerary in our Dubai City Tour Packages

Abu Dhabi Ferrari World tour

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi Tour from Dubai


The most thrilling spot in Abu Dhabi City. Discover the amazing world with us in our Abu Dhabi tour from Dubai packages.

See the most unique Cars you have ever seen in your life in this beautiful place.

Let us drive you to Ferrari World Abu Dhabi. This is the place to go if you love cars and how they look. There are many car enthusiasts coming over to witness one of the world’s most amazing displays of fantastic and prestigious cars in the Ferrari Word.

There are many tourists coming over this place to witness the spectacular view of prestigious cars around the world under the brand—Ferrari.

If you want to experience a different kind of fun and excitement, it’s time to visit the world’s most famous venue of luxury and race cars.

See this wonderful display of great cars right in front of your eyes. Consider coming here for a different kind of experience that you have never had before.

Come over to Abu Dhabi to witness this fantastic display of great cars. Bring your group, family, or special someone when you come to this place. Visit it now!

Get our economic rates packages of Abu Dhabi City Tour today.

Emirate Palace Abu Dhabi UAE, Abu Dhabi Tour

Emirates Palace Abu-Dhabi


Emirates Palace Abu Dhabi situated in heart of Abu Dhabi City, and stretch on 0.8 ml on private beach.

Its one of the most favorite spot of guest in the city, thus we picked it in our Abu Dhabi tour from Dubai Packages.

Emirates Palace Hotel Abu Dhabi is a luxury hotel that is located on Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. The Emirates Palace Hotel in Abu Dhabi has 302 rooms and 92 suites.

The interior of the hotel has suites that are furnished in gold and marble. It is one of the second expensive hotels.

The hotel provide beach for the visitors, swimming pools, tennis courts, spa, for adventure and for relaxation. Emirates Palace Hotel is a seven star hotel in the world.

Emirates Palace Hotel is a hotel for everyone who is looking for a grand vacation, business meetings and for international conference.

The hotel offers lot amenities that you will surely love. Emirates Palace Hotel has many services that will suit your needs.

The level of comfort they give will surely satisfy the needs of the guests and customers. It is not about anything else but it is about experience that you will have.

Yas Island Abu Dhabi Tour

Yas Island Abu Dhabi Tour


It is an Island full of fund and adventure, Yas Island is one of the top rated spot in our Abu Dhabi tour form Dubai Packages.

It is situated in neighbor of Ferrari World Abu Dhabi , so could get an ample time to sightseeing both attraction in less time.

Are you seeking for a family vacation? Looking for a place to unwind? Looking for pleasure? Yas Island is a place to be. Yas Island is a natural island having an area of 2500 hectares .

It is located on Abu Dhabi which is the national capital of United Arab of Emirates.

Yas Island is one of the best places you’re looking for a family vacation, business trip and for pleasures.

It is an island having a beautiful scenery and breathtaking destination that you will surely love. In addition, it is not all about the beautiful scenery.

The island also has restaurants, world class hotels, Water Park, golf course, beaches, boutique and spas. They also have the second largest underground water tank and malls.

Yas Island is one of the best destinations in the world. It is one of the newest destinations for entertainment that many people are looking for. Come to this place and grab maximum adventure in our Abu Dhabi city tour deals.

Abu Dhabi Heritage Village with Abu Dhabi Tour

Heritage Village Abu Dhabi


Would you like to explore how Abu Dhabi city was prior to discovery of oil in this desert city?

Want to discover old style of buildings of Arabs , Old Souq and Islamic Tradition ?

Heritage Village is the best place for true old tradition lovers.  Let us reveal more about Heritage Village in our Abu Dhabi city tour from Dubai deals.

This tourist attraction also known as the replica of Bedouin Nomad Camp. It is one of the interesting tourist attractions in United Arab of Emirates.

The Village has houses made of mud brick, some traditional mosque, and they also have some demonstration on the sport of falconry.

It gives us idea on lifestyle and tradition as well as for cultures. The Heritage Village has camels on which you can pose and take pictures for souvenir.

People from different places can also see the ancient irrigation system and workshops. Heritage Village Abu Dhabi is one of the places that you should not miss it.

Inside the village it is where you can find the so-called Hill gardens and a museum that have priceless collections.

The museum shows you coins, gears and traditional dress that will capture your attention. It is a great place to visit that is good for kids as well as for adults.

Dates Market in Abu Dhabi Tour

Dates Market Abu Dhabi


It is the biggest dates Market in UAE, and famous of unique dates, Majhool dates are really liked among the tourist specially out lander visitors.

Here you can get low rates high quality dates.   Thousands of visitors now adding this unique spot in their itinerary of Abu Dhabi tour from Dubai packages.

TDates Market is one of the most famous places in this emirate that you should not miss out. There are many things to buy here apart from dates,  like native stuffs such as carpets, colorful fabrics, and other things

In this place, you can also find potteries, carpets, and other crafts. If you want to get the most of your spending, you no longer have to search for another market here but in Dates Market Abu Dhabi.

There are also products such as custom figurines, jewelry, and other native items for sale. There are a lot of them to choose from that you will get at cheap prices.

You can find high-quality and cheap items in this market. Don’t miss out this place when you come to Abu Dhabi. Include this in your list of things to do in Abu Dhabi.

Fishing Harbour Abu Dhabi

Fishing Harbour Abu Dhabi


If you love seafood, then you shouldn’t forget about Fishing Harbour Abu Dhabi. This is the best place to be if you love fishes and other marine creatures that you can enjoy when you come to this place.

There are a lot of things to do in this place that you can choose from if you come over. You can find different fish varieties that you can select from. Aside from the variety, you can depend on their cheap prices.

You can choose from a lot of fishes that you can see in displays. You can also see fishing vessels of all sizes. You can take pictures while here.

You can enjoy the rest of your time with your family. You can enjoy this Fishing Harbour Abu Dhabi as one of the most famous tourist’s attractions in this place. Come here now with your family.

Don’t forget to include this when you come to this Emirate in your Abu Dhabi Tour Itinerary.

Abu Dhabi Museum Louvre

Louvre Abu Dhabi Museum


Abu Dhabi Louvre is the largest museum in Middle East; it was inaugurated on 8 Nov 2017, It is civilization and art Museum, It is situated in Saadiyat Cultural District Abu Dhabi.

It is the must seen spot out of all other famous tourist attraction.

You will be amaze by seeing the reflection of civilization .

Abu Dhabi Louvre is one of the Abu Dhabi city top attraction. When every you got the chance visiting UAE must tour this awesome place, it will make your time remarkable.

Let us tour you Louvre from Dubai by Luxury buses.

Get our best deal of Abu Dhabi tour from Dubai now.

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