Chauffeur Services in Dubai

Chauffeur Services in Dubai


Over the years in the business of Chauffeur Services in Dubai, we have been well established and gained professional experience in providing the best most economic private chauffeur-driven facilities in UAE with a great track record.

We provide reliable, hassle-free, comfortable, cost-effective, and high-quality private chauffeur service in all major cities of UAE, e.g., Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah by private vehicles.


Private Chauffeur Services in Dubai are mostly required by big groups or families with more than five heads to travel comfortably and hassle-free and to reach their destination on time.

Our chauffeur drivers are highly trained and well English speakers, adequately dressed, and possess strong knowledge of Dubai and other cities’ routes, each vehicle is equipped with the latest GPS models to ensure drivers follow the short directions toward the drop or pickup landmarks of the guests.


Indeed every chauffeur services provider company in Dubai trying its best to beat other competitors in providing the top class chauffeurs services in Dubai and other states of UAE, thus we are highly focused and committed to delivering high-quality chauffeur-driven services and leading the race.


By choosing us as your private chauffeur, we assure you that you will get top-class chauffeur services in Dubai as we are equipped with brand new and clean vans and buses with perfect AC, sound system, comfortable seats, and glasses curtains on budget rates with executive and expert drivers.


Our chauffeur drivers are not just ordinary drivers; all drivers are undergoing a 30-day professional training program to ensure drivers get well trained in delivering superior chauffeurs facilities to our customers before getting the chauffeur keys.

The client has to feel at home while we drive them as that is not just transportation; it is a journey to enjoy.

We believe customers are always first; our philosophy is to drive passengers is to treat every passenger as if he is a president. We are trying to be as excellent as possible in providing Chauffeur Services in Dubai.

We have all types of vans and buses available for any kind of daily basis transportation in Dubai and Sharjah, you can know more about our private bus rental Sharjah and Dubai services on our services page.

Highlights of Our Services:

Our company is renting luxury private fleets with drivers containing 7 seat minivan, 12 seats van, 15 seats High roof van, 25-seat Coaster bus, 33 seats Rosa buses, and 50 seats luxury buses, and you can get the right vehicle for your job from our fleet list.

Please note: We do not provide any individual Chauffeur Services in Dubai; our company offers an exclusive vehicle to each group or family with a reserved driver. Also, we don’t deal with 4-seat small cars, and our fleet seating capacity starts from a minimum of 7 seats.

Please see below the available fleets and choose the vehicle that suits your group size and needs.

What we Offer


AAli Bus Rental and Dubai Chauffeur Services LLC is the first-class private transportation services provider in UAE since 2007 with an excellent track record of customer satisfaction.

We provide our professional chauffeur driven services to tourism companies, event companies, airport transfers, hotel transportation, city sightseeing, weeding transportation and meetings transfers e.t.c. on a daily and weekly basis all over UAE.

The chauffeur services we offer are categorized below.

Chauffeur Services Sharjah

Private Chauffeur Facilities Sharjah & Abu Dhabi


We also offer chauffeur services in Sharjah & Abu Dhabi on a private basis, whether you are in Abu Dhabi or even staying in Sharjah in any hotel, just contact us through an online portal or WhatsApp us and get your private chauffeur in Sharjah or in Abu Dhabi within an hour or less depending on your hotel/residence location.


Get luxury chauffeur services for your special occasions, events, airport transportation, wedding transport, or even on weekly basis for guest transport.


Make your memory alive forever by choosing us as your chauffeur in Dubai, we are proud of ourselves for providing the most luxury private chauffeur ride provider in the country.

Once you book your private chauffeur with us for leisure activities, then you do not need to carry the burden of transportation in Dubai or Sharjah, we will take care of the rest even by guiding you regarding the best spots to visit in UAE.

All the drivers are well trained and understand the needs of our customers, you can rely on us 100%.

Dubai Airport Chauffeur

Book Chauffeur at Dubai Airport


Dubai Airport Transportation is the most important and active part of our company, we have assigned dedicated experience drivers for airport transfers to ensure the guest reach their destination safely and comfortably.

Being the top leisure destination in the world, Dubai attracts millions of tourists each year, and of course, many of these tourists need private Dubai Airport Chauffeur Services, so we come first to provide the private airport transfer facilities.


Since Dubai Airport is the busiest airport that consists of 3 terminals, you will see a massive rush of passengers landing and departing each minute and most travelers use private chauffeur services to reach the airport on time and pick up on time when they arrive.

If you are looking for a private Dubai airport chauffeur service, you can get one from us at DXB airport within a few minutes. We have a lot of cars, minivans and luxury buses with chauffeurs available for you. If you don’t want to drive yourself, you can always choose our DXB Airport chauffeur to take you to your destination. You can hire a chauffeur to drive you to the airport or from the hotel to your hotel in UAE. The chauffeur will pick you up and drop you off at your destination as per your convenient time.

You can hire a private driver with a van or bus at Dubai Airport on arrival or even can book in advance, our private chauffeur will take care of your transportation needs at the airport. The chauffeur will be waiting for you when you arrive at the airport, and he will drive you to your desired destination.

Indeed public transport buses and taxis are available in Dubai, Sharjah & Abu Dhabi cities on a budget, but it is a stressful and time-consuming procedure for fresh travelers and big groups.

The recommended option is to book a private van or bus before departing from your home country so that you can be free from transportation headaches.

tour by private chauffeur bus

Private Tour by Chauffeur Bus


In Dubai, Chauffeur Services widely used for taking passengers from one place to another, airport transportation, Dubai to Abu Dhabi transport and hotel transfers, but because of massive traffic in Dubai, most visitors and families choosing chauffeur ride in Dubai or Sharjah for sightseeing, recreational pursuits, and shopping as they have a short stay in Dubai and want to explore the attractions on a fast track.


Renting a private chauffeur service for tour purposes is an excellent choice and cost-effective compare ride by ordinary taxi or public transportation buses.

Touring by a self-driven car is a time-consuming and stressful activity, especially if you are new to Dubai and don’t know the shortcut routes of Dubai and worried about parking and vehicle security as well as you will never concentrate on sightseeing while driving.


Considering your valuable time get back and enjoying sightseeing while you are setting in rear seats relax with family, Private Chauffeur Services for a leisure trip is worth taking from private transportation companies.

Rent chauffeur daily basis
Rent Chauffeur For a Day or Weekly Basis


We have extended our private chauffeur services to a daily and weekly basis. Now you can get an exclusive private van and or bus with the driver on a daily or weekly basis with budget rates.

Renting a private vehicle for a long-distance, full-day, and or weekly basis is the best choice for those families who are planned to stay for more days in Dubai and love shopping and visiting leisure spots.

The best benefit of the private chauffeur in Dubai & Abu Dhabi is that it is hassle-free and cost-effective.

The traveler can customize their choice itinerary of each day as the rates are static and apply on a daily basis; either they go to one place or many places per day, the same prices apply.


Note: The time limit per day is a maximum of 10 hours if the time exceeds 10 hours, overtime will apply accordingly.

Corporate chauffeur Dubai
Corporate Chauffeur Services


Our company rents top-class luxury vans and buses for corporate meetings and corporate event transportation throughout the UAE. We make sure that our vehicles are well-equipped for a comfortable trip, with the most modern equipment and amenities. Our corporate chauffeur transportation services are ideal for events such as conferences, trade shows, company picnics, leisure trips, and other types of events where you need to transport large numbers of people at the same time. We have a fleet of luxury buses and vans that are always available to take your group anywhere in the United Arab Emirates. Our all vehicles are clean and well-maintained, the staff is friendly and helpful, and we assure you that we have the best service in the industry.
We can help you get to where you want to go safely and comfortably. We offer top-notch chauffeur service, which will make your ride amazing.

How to Book 


  • Before processing the booking with us, choose your required vehicle from the list of fleets mentioned above, matching your needs and budget.


  • No advance payment need for booking. The invoice amount shall be clear at pickup time from your hotel or airport.


  • Considering the customer’s convenience and demands, we don’t require the booking person to visit our office and waste their valuable time on paying the advance payment for Chauffeur Services in Dubai.


  • Anyone can secure the reservation by phone call, WhatsApp, and by email anytime by not paying even a single pill in advance either he/she is outside the UAE or inside.


  • We have the most customer-friendly payment procedure. Once you confirm the booking with us for Dubai Chauffeur Services, we will issue the invoice with full payment details, which shall be paid to the driver at the time of pickup on 1st day either from the airport, hotel, or vials, etc.


  • We have the most effortless booking procedure. For booking, we only need the dates, first day pickup time and location, and your confirmation of booking through email or WhatsApp.


  • Get your booking confirmation with chauffeur driver and vehicle details within 10 minutes by email or WhatsApp.


  • Easy and instant booking.
Why Choose Our Services?


  • Our fleets contain different types of luxury minivan and buses. The seating capacity starts from 7 seats to 50 seated luxury buses, which mostly fulfill the requirements of our customers/guest needs.


  • All the drivers are well trained, highly professional, well English, Hindi, Urdu, and Arabic speakers with great experience of UAE short and long routes.


  • All our chauffeur vehicles are brand new and clean with perfect AC and contain a separate luggage cabin.


  • Fixed competitive rates.


  • Our company hired highly professional and customer friendly staff, which is available anytime to serve you the best.


  • Instant assistant facilities: Discuss your needs with one of our sales staff, and he will assist you according to your needs and requirements, which will suit your chauffeur driven services in UAE.


  • 24 hours online and WhatsApp chats services for inquiries and bookings.


  • All Dubai chauffeur services provider vehicles are fully insured and comply with UAE transportation rules and regulations.


  • Affordable prices with excellent services.


  • On-time service.


  • 10 minutes prior chauffeur driver will be at your doorstep and can wait until you come out.


  • Hassle-free private chauffeur ride.


  • Customized itinerary subjected to customers’ needs.


  • More than 15 years of experience in chauffeur services in Dubai.


  • 24 hours prior to services start time free booking cancellation policy.